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Board Members

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors.  The Directors are elected on an at-large basis for four-year terms.  In 2001, the Board voted to align its elections with the Statewide General Elections to increase voter turnout and achieve a substantial cost savings. 

At the Board's discretion an organizational meeting is held at least every other year to assign officers' duties and to appoint the standing Committee representatives.  This process generally results in a rotation of duties among the Board members.  The established Committees meet on an as-needed basis.  If necessary, Ad Hoc Committees are formed for special projects. 

The Board of Directors approves the annual operating and capital budgets and authorizes expenditures of the District's funds.

Our district is governed by a 5-member board of directors who are elected to serve by the people. Board members serve 4 year terms.

Current Terms:

Tom Bollay                      December 2018-December 2020

Jeff Kerns                         December 2016-December 2020

Dana Newquist               December 2018-December 2022

Woody Barrett                December 2018-December 2022

Thomas Kern                  December 2016-December 2020