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Phillip Hogan

Position: Vice President
Term: 2022-2026
Director Phil Hogan
Director Phil Hogan

Director Phil Hogan,  was appointed to the Board on June 23, 2022 to fill a vacant Board seat.

Phil is a long-time Montecito resident and is looking forward to using his experience to support the community as a Director for the sanitary district.

Phil Hogan holds a PhD in Geology from USC and is a licensed Certified Engineering Geologist.   He has over 38 years of experience in seismic and geological engineering investigations for critical infrastructure and energy projects, including trnasportation and wastewater tunnels, water conveyance systems, nuclear power plants, oil and gas pipelines, LNG terminals, and facility-siting studies. He also has extensive experience supporting coastal and offshore geoghazard and foundation engineering studies.