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Since 1947, Montecito Sanitary District has been serving Montecito. We are a locally funded and administered independent special district created by the residents of Montecito.

The Montecito Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant was unharmed in the mudslide event. Due to the evacuations in the service area, wastewater flowing to the treatment plant is currently minimal - but proper treatment has been and continues to take place. All four of the District's wastewater lift stations are intact and functioning. When SCE power went down during the flood event, all District facilities auto-transferred to back up diesel generator power and continued to function properly. To date, District crews in conjunction with our mutual aid partners, the City of Santa Barbara Public Works Dept., Goleta Sanitary District, and Carpinteria Sanitary District have visually inspected 1300 of our 2000 manholes. 1100 manholes are reported to be in good condition. Many manholes were identified as having mud and debris. We are removing that material with vacuum trucks and delivering it to the wastewater treatment plant. As mud and debris is removed from roadways and areas that are currently inaccessible, the inspections and mud removal work will continue. There are many locations within the District where wastewater service is currently available and reliable. Other areas still need to be inspected and cleaned. We will continue to work diligently to restore reliable wastewater service to the entire community by the time potable water service is available.